I’ve been hearing, from many reporters and gasbags, that its not in Mike Wallace’s wheelhouse to fight for the ball when needed. They say that its not his nature.

I’m 5’8 and rounder than a basketball. Growing up, I loved eating and had a huge appetite for anything sweet, I traded my brand new bike, I got for Christmas, for a couple of video games. Being athletic wasn’t in my wheelhouse… being fit wasn’t my nature. If you knew me growing up you would’ve never guessed I would go through one of the most rigorous physical tests one could sign-up for… United States Marines Corp’s Basic Training.

The point is, I tried to do something that wasn’t in my nature. Something that wasn’t ideal for my god-given skill sets. You can succeed or you can fail, the point is you TRY.

Mike Wallace does not try to defend errant passes from sneaky opposing defenders. Surely you have not made it to this point in your life without knowing the difference between when someone is trying or not. Most coaches would prefer you resort to offensive pass interference than give up the interception. Mike Wallace does not look like he is trying to fight for the ball on those interceptions. He looks like a gent who doesn’t want to get in a scrum because he doesn’t want to dirty his 60 million dollar fingernails.

Rather than make excuses for Mike Wallace’s absence of effort how about we let Mike know:



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