John Renshaw odd man out? WQAM’s projected lineup

My mid mornings will never be the same…

I’m the kind of guy that prefers a local sports broadcast over the national option. I want to hear Dolphins, Heat… if there’s a national story that’s important, the local guys can give me that too. At 10 AM the John Renshaw show gave me all I needed and more.  Local sports with a passionate take. Renshaw’s connection with listeners, from social media to hosted watch parties,  had grown quicker than anyone expected… And that’s with him going against known commodity in Colin Cowherd and FM stereo (let’s face it, you’re cutting out a huge piece of potential audience)

So Renshaw’s gone and I’m sure he will land on his feet… there’s a wide ocean of sports out there and I will look to tune in when he’s on the air again.


WQAM projected line up

Mornings    Joe Rose Show.

Mid-days     Alex Donno paired with ???

1-3                Kup and Crowder show

Evenings     Marc Hochman


Marc Hochman has been rumored join WQAM after the no compete clause in his contract runs out (rumored to be six months) We should start hearing Hochman around April on our drive home competing against his longtime friend and ex co-worker Dan Lebatard.


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