Miami Dolphins CB Dimitri Patterson Placed on IR


Mike Pouncey claims that he will play Sunday

Many reports came in from Davie saying that Dolphins Center Mike Pouncey had returned to practice Tuesday morning. Dolphins’ fans excited to hear the news, the Dolphins have been struggling to replace the holes in the offensive line left by the absence of Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

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What is you favorite #WAARF music video?

Let’s Play: You’re Fired!


Joe Philbin.

What does he bring to the table as a Head Coach? When he was the Packers Offensive Coordinator, it wasn’t his offense that Aaron Rogers used, he didn’t even call the plays! Mike McCarthy was the play caller. Some believed that Philbin was instrumental in the development of Matt Flynn (who was thought to be a good QB at the time) and Aaron Rodgers. Maybe he can do the same when we draft a young Quarterback, maybe he can turn Tannehill into Aaron Rogers 2.0…

Then we find out that Philbin had nothing to do with Rogers’ development. It was the Quarterbacks Coach at Green Bay that developed Aaron Rogers and Matt Flynn. It feels like we were duped, all of us, including you Mr. Ross.

Philbin is not an offensive guru, he doesn’t play call, and he also doesn’t develop talent. His strength, according to Stephen Ross, is his attention to detail.


ATTENTION TO DETAIL? Philbin? The guy that had no idea his starting Left Tackle was being bullied to the point that the player ran away from the team? The same coach who’s offense tells the opposing team if the play that’s about to be run is either a pass or run play depending on weather Tannehill says GO or GO-GO.

Surely this cannot be his best quality, this is proven by his own admission of not knowing what’s going on in his locker room. The truth is Philbin adds nothing as a Head Coach. He’s not an offensive genius like Sean Payton and Chip Kelley. He’s not a players coach like Rex or Dungy. He’s not even a “young-project” coach like Jason Garrett. Philbin adds nothing to the table. It may be time for Stephen Ross to look for a Head Coach with some experience and doesn’t have to learn on the job.

Miami Dolphins punched Carolina in the mouth early, Panthers clawed back!

Click the picture above for Dolphins vs Panthers highlights.


The Miami Dolphins were defeated by the Carolina Panthers 16-20. Cam Newton seemed LeBron-like as he torched and gashed the Dolphins defense in the fourth quarter in contrast to Tannehill scrambling aimlessly as precious seconds ticked away. Tannehill, again, had a performance where he either flashes greatness or screams mediocrity and sometimes both. Twice Tannehill under threw the ball and Wallace adjusted and caught the ball. Tannehill also overthrew Wallace yesterday and his accuracy has been called into question as of late. The offense is further hindered by the ineffective run game.

A patchwork offensive line is the reason the run game, or the absence of it, has been an issue. Sam Brenner, who was picked up off waivers not too long ago, goes down and Thomas can’t even sniff the field? Incognito and Jonathan Martin are have left holes in the line. Seeing a skinny Mike Pouncey on the sidelines reminds you of the despair that Lamar Miller and Tannehill must feel when asking the line to block. The most frustrating part is the inability to judge Tannehill’s progression due to shoddy line play.

Nolan Carroll is a nickel cornerback… and that’s okay. The drop-off in quality between him and Brent Grimes is very apparent. Even when compared to Dimitri Patterson you see a drop-off in coverage quality. I know he had a decent game and when you have an INT on the stat line that’s usually the case. Carroll has been targeted constantly by opposing QBs and today’s no different. When Cam Newton needed passing yards he constantly glared over to Carroll’s coverage assignment.