Let’s Play: You’re Fired!


Joe Philbin.

What does he bring to the table as a Head Coach? When he was the Packers Offensive Coordinator, it wasn’t his offense that Aaron Rogers used, he didn’t even call the plays! Mike McCarthy was the play caller. Some believed that Philbin was instrumental in the development of Matt Flynn (who was thought to be a good QB at the time) and Aaron Rodgers. Maybe he can do the same when we draft a young Quarterback, maybe he can turn Tannehill into Aaron Rogers 2.0…

Then we find out that Philbin had nothing to do with Rogers’ development. It was the Quarterbacks Coach at Green Bay that developed Aaron Rogers and Matt Flynn. It feels like we were duped, all of us, including you Mr. Ross.

Philbin is not an offensive guru, he doesn’t play call, and he also doesn’t develop talent. His strength, according to Stephen Ross, is his attention to detail.


ATTENTION TO DETAIL? Philbin? The guy that had no idea his starting Left Tackle was being bullied to the point that the player ran away from the team? The same coach who’s offense tells the opposing team if the play that’s about to be run is either a pass or run play depending on weather Tannehill says GO or GO-GO.

Surely this cannot be his best quality, this is proven by his own admission of not knowing what’s going on in his locker room. The truth is Philbin adds nothing as a Head Coach. He’s not an offensive genius like Sean Payton and Chip Kelley. He’s not a players coach like Rex or Dungy. He’s not even a “young-project” coach like Jason Garrett. Philbin adds nothing to the table. It may be time for Stephen Ross to look for a Head Coach with some experience and doesn’t have to learn on the job.


Disconnect in Dolphins Front Office?


Michael Egnew.

Remember crushing him? I’ve never seen a 3rd round pick get less playing time in his first year. ┬áThe coaching staff developed his blocking ability to where he is now. Instead of playing Egnew and using his strengths on the field, this coaching staff prefers to force the players to play a game that is not natural to them. Then and only then will these young players earn playing time.

The problem stems further from ol’ Egnew. Will we get to see Jamar Taylor or Will Davis? When we drafted Smith and Vontae, we threw those guys into the fire right away. You have to wonder what key, what facet to their game are these young corners missing in order to jump Nolan Carroll on the depth chart. Carroll is the most frustrating player on the defense. Its bad, like… Mario Chalmers frustration level.

Dallas Thomas where are you? Sam Brenner where have you been? At what point will these coaches stop trying to win their jobs and start preparing this team for the future? This team is not ready for the playoffs. I wouldn’t even want to put Tanny through that… this O-line would fold up faster than a cheap beach chair.


Can we please get this guy some playing time? I saw him cover Gronk! GRONK I TELL YOU! (ok he was just coming back from injury but whatever) ┬áPut him in at Defensive end, drop him into coverage, have him set the edge… the possibilities are endless! Just please get him out there so he can learn, he can get a feel for his position, a feel for the speed of the game.

There seems to be a disconnect between the person choosing the players and the coaches. Think about it like this…

Jeff Ireland goes to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for this team. Philbin is the cook, and he wants to make a specific dish. If these guys are not on the same page… the result would be a dish who’s putrid stench could only be matched by the Dolphins’ play this season.